Focused Claims Service

Insuret provides a full in-house claims service from appointment of assessors through to finalisation and payment of claims. Insuret's service objective is to expedite your repairs whilst allowing you to use the repairer of your choice. We are dedicated to reducing off-road time to your vehicles (and income loss if you are a business owner). Quick acceptance of your claims allows for a fast efficient claims service.

Should you provide all necessary information to accept your claim, Insuret will act on the same day to appoint an assessor. Our assessors will in most circumstances attend to and immediately authorise your repairs the following day.

We work closely with service providers including auction houses to ensure we maximise salvage on total loss vehicles to further minimise the cost of claims.

Insuret vigilantly pursues claims against at fault third parties and other recoverable incidents. Insuret claims personnel are happy to supply regular claims updates or co-ordinate with you to access regular claims reporting to provide you with information on your claims trends that may ultimately effect your premium.

Insuret Claims Lodgement Procedure

  • Tow vehicle to the nearest place of safety
  • Have a repairer arrange a quotation on the vehicle
  • Complete relevant claims forms
  • Forward Relevant forms to Insuret
  • Forward any Third party demands to Insuret for immediate attention

Please refer to our documents page to download relevant claims documents for your chosen product

Insuret total loss guarantee

A guarantee applicable to comprehensively insured vehicles

If you lodge within 3 working days from the date of the incident all relevant claims documentation being:

  • Claim Form
  • Collision / Damage Report
  • Front and Rear of the Hire Agreement
  • One quote
  • Registration Certificate

and your policy is financial in accordance with agreed terms and in the event that your vehicle is deemed a total loss, Insuret guarantee that your loss will be settled within 21 days or your next month’s lease payment for your damaged vehicle will be on us. Additionally, we can offer the option to retain the wreckage of total loss vehicles.

For further assistance please contact our claims department on (07) 3239 7000 alternatively please email us at


Focussed Loss Management

Insuret has developed a strategic relationship with Focussed Loss Management who provide Quantification of Loss, assessing and claims management services for below excess claims and self insured claims.

Focussed Loss Management provides market leading, best practise solutions to the car rental industry for quantifying a renters loss after an accident in a fast, efficient, transparent and independent manner.

This is combined with a claims administration solution for self insured losses, enables are car rental businesses to reduce process bottlenecks, improve customer service and reduce claims costs. This end to end process allows a car rental business to focus on renting vehicles and delivering a more transparent service to customers.