Rental Car Insurance

Insuret tailors fleet insurance programs that incorporate risk management and training solutions for rental car fleet operators.

Insuret is committed to the long - term sustainability of the industry. Our programs are designed to provide continuity of cover by maintaining a sustainable view to premium pricing. This ensures that your business and the industry in which you operate is less susceptible to large premium swings as a result of large or unexpected events.

To help improve your bottom line and mitigate your business risk, Insuret provides training, risk management assistance and regular claims reporting as part of our program. We aim to develop personal relationships based on transparency, trust and accountability.

If you have a rental car fleet we can Insuret! Insuret can insure flets from 3 units to 10,000 or larger.

The Insuret vehicle Hire motor policy provides many additional benefits which are listed below.

Our objective is to simplify and streamline your insurance program so that you spend more time focused on hiring vehicles. Our tailored solutions are designed to deliver the highest levels of service and peace-of-mind protection.

Insuret can assist with tailored fleet insurance programs including:

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Self-Insurance/Catastrophe – for large fleet clients
  • Claims Management programs

In addition to insuring your most important assets ie: your vehicles, Insuret provides additional services including risk management, claims management and training which are designed to assist you in streamlining your operations, improving your efficiency and the professionalism of your business.

The Insuret Vehicle Hire Insurance policy provides many additional benefits which are listed below

  • $40 million legal liability cover for at fault claims
  • Replacement cover on your own vehicles for up to twelve months, Lease payout cover for two years or Market Value at your option
  • 21 day payment guarantee for total loss claims
  • Not at fault excess available
  • Reduced excess for company principals
  • Automatic cover for breaches of agreement by hirers
  • In house claims handling with designated points of contact
  • Staff under 21 years of age and corporate rental clients covered automatically under your policy
  • Free Subscription to OnDemand

Additional Features

  • Interest free, monthly instalments available for clients meeting the approved requirements
  • Monthly payment terms also available for small fleets on request
  • All documents and forms available on line
  • Fleet Accident Recovery for under excess claims
  • Risk management/claims trend reporting at regular intervals
  • Operational procedure risk management reviews
  • Hire procedure and hire agreement training for front counter staff
  • Designated service representative appointed to assist your business

Focussed Loss Management

Insuret has developed a strategic relationship with Focussed Loss Management who provide assessing and claims management services for below excess claims and self insured claims.

Focussed loss management provides market leading, best practise solutions to the car rental industry for quantifying a renters loss after an accident in a fast, efficent, transparent and independant manner.

This is combined with a claims administration solution for self insured losses, enables are car rental businesses improve business effeciencies by reducing process bottlenecks and improving customer service. This end to end process allows a car rental busines to focus on renting vehicles and delivering better overall service and customer satisfaction.

"We have your back"

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